The New West Guys - Jeremy Rae and Matt Brabbins

Meet The Guys

The New West Guys was created as an evolution of two businesses that have been serving New West since 2010. Our real estate services existed as separate New West focused businesses. We were ‘friendly competition’ and doing a lot of the same things to serve our clients. We merged to become an exclusively New Westminster focused real estate team. We are advocates for this city and strive to add value to this great community in ways that go beyond buying and selling real estate.

You are choosing to work with a legitimate team – equals. There is no hierarchy. Our priority is to make every client a priority. You get two experienced professionals working for you. The mission is to provide unsurpassed quality, every single day of the year…

You deserve exceptional service that is extremely difficult for any one individual to provide in this business. Every decision we make genuinely starts with the question, “How does this benefit our client?” We ask ourselves, “Is this the best way? How would I want it done if I was the client?” We create new processes and adapt constantly to fit the market and the individual’s objective.

You get the benefit of our combined specialities, strengths and experience. We divide the workload to keep each other energized, effective and operating at their maximum potential. It’s something we are extremely proud of. You have a lot of choices. We want consumers to choose us because we are genuinely the best for New West. We have created a model that we know is the absolute best and we’re ready to talk to you when you’re ready.