Episode 38 – Why are my property taxes so high? Property tax, assessments and appeals explained

Check out our latest podcast for a closer look at how property assessments and property taxes are determined.

Your property taxes don’t always go up when your assessed value goes up. We get insight and in depth break down from our special guest, New West City Councilor, Patrick Johnstone.

Get even more detail from Pat’s blog:  patrickjohnstone.ca

Should you appeal your assessment? You want to look to see if your increase was really far out of line with the average for your area. You can start with a chat with an appraiser at the Assessment office (info.bcassessment.ca/contact-us/Greater-Vancouver-Region).

BC Assessment Appeals: info.bcassessment.ca/Services-products/appeals

11:20 – Your Assessed Value: Where did that number come from?

16:02 – Your Property Taxes: How do they relate to your assessed value?

25:17 – Comparing Municipalities: How to compare which is higher. You can have a lower valued home than a home in another municipality and pay higher taxes. It depends where your him sits on its local hierarchy.

36:40 – Breaking down the numbers: City tax, School tax, Translink tax, and other line items communities can add in.

48:00 – Canada Games Pool: Why this is a stand alone item on your taxes?

53:22 – Question of the Week: My assessed value went up 80%! Should I appeal?