Episode 53 – Buying at the Bottom


“Why now may be a good time to buy real estate in Vancouver.”

Buying at the Bottom

Let’s be clear. No one knows it’s the bottom until it has passed. We have a lot of indications that we’re close to the bottom of the market and it’s a good time to buy. We’re breaking down what that means for buyers, where the deals are and how to manage expectations.

Question of the Week

Who is responsible to pay a special levy approved before ownership changes, and payable after ownership changes?

Episode 51 – Benefits of a Community Specialist with GUEST Michael Thorne

Special Guest Michael Thorne (




Michael has clear focus to be a significant contributor to his community. It drives a lot of his business. That doesn’t mean he won’t leave the community. If he truly believes someone else is the best fit for clients outside his community, he’s referring it. Sometimes Michael knows he is the best fit despite limitations on knowledge of the community.


We have a few personal questions and one asking how he earns business from his community Facebook page.


The greatest real estate story we’ve ever heard!!


Michael gives us some of his best advice to get started with video marketing. His two day Video Boot Camp is a massive success (

Episode 50 – Selling in a Buyer’s Market


Ontario Realtors ask PC’s to ban Bully Offers.

Buying in a Seller’s Market

What is a Buyer’s market?

What kind of offers should sellers expect? What kind of conditions, maybe subject to sale?

How much of a difference can property improvements make?


Geoff remembers the risks of getting carried away with real estate investments when the market is strong.

Question of the Week

A seller has questions about specific improvements before selling.

Episode 49 – Choosing the Asking Price

NEWS – Geoff did the news this week. It’s about Facebook, privacy and targeted ads.

How do agents price a home? There’s an art to it. And there are some common traps that many sellers fall into.

Storytime – Keep in touch with your banker or mortgage broker to confirm they’ve checked all their boxes, or there’ll be trouble!

Episode 48 – Spring is NOT always the best time to sell

NEWS – Economists are projecting that falling bond markets could cause a decrease in interest rates.

Is Spring really the best time of year to sell? What should a Seller focus on to prepare their house for a sale in the Spring.

Storytime – How many is too many people to bring with you to a showing?

Question of the Week – How long does probate take on an estate sale? What does that even mean???

EPISODE 46 – Sellers: How To Interview an Agent

NEWS Major cities around the world have seen prices drop over the past few years.

Interviewing an Agent – What approach to take. What questions you should ask.

Top Tip: Don’t ask too many questions.

Storytime – Why it’s important to give professionals time to respond after the inspection.

Question of the Week – When should you withdraw RRSP’s that you plan to use for your purchase?

Episode 44 – Are Foreclosures Worth Buying in Canada?

Are foreclosures cheaper in Canada? // Foreclosure laws in Canada are much different than the US. The lender has to get fair market value and court approval. // Final sale prices are generally not much cheaper than market price. The risks to the buyer may negate the small savings they could get on a foreclosure.

0:00 Intro and News – The NDP announce a plan to register pre-sale assignments in an effort to tax profits. Will this help housing affordability?

10:40 Why does a home go into foreclosure?

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