Episode 60 – Translating Property Descriptions


Global News real estate feature finds that developers are delaying constructing out of fear they won’t hit their pre-sales targets to qualify for financing.

Translating Property Descriptions

What are your favourite euphemisms and half-truths when reading a property description? What are realistic expectations when you read about extensive renovations or stunning views?

Episode 59 – CMHC Interest-free loans for first-time buyers

Episode 59 – CMHC Interest-free loans for first-time buyers

We dedicate an entire episode to recent real estate news. Because it’s a big deal!

What’s up with this Hong Kong extradition business and more buyers coming to Vancouver?

How does this CMHC loan really work? Is it going to be the same box office flop that we had with the failed BC Government’s down-payment loan program?

Episode 57 – S.C.A.R.F. Face – How human emotion derails real estate plans


May stats have been released. Sales volume is up, but still well below the norm.

S.C.A.R.F. Face

S.C.A.R.F. is an acronym created by Dr. David Rock. Geoff, Matt and Jeremy use its teachings all the time to lead conversations and bring difficult conversations back from the brink of collapse.

Question of the Week

What is a red flag in a 5 year warranty envelope review?

Episode 56 – Winning at the Bottom (we finally dedicate a show to multiple offers)

NEWS is catching up to Episode 20 of multiple offers and discussing the distorted reality of real estate photos.

Winning at the Bottom

It’s about time we talk about multiple offers!

We became accustomed to winning multiple offers with no conditions and well-over asking price. It all came to a halt when the market softened. Today we can win with a variety of strategies. The best strategy? Give the Seller assurance that you can follow through.

Question of the Week

Define a bedroom!

Episode 53 – Buying at the Bottom


“Why now may be a good time to buy real estate in Vancouver.”

Buying at the Bottom

Let’s be clear. No one knows it’s the bottom until it has passed. We have a lot of indications that we’re close to the bottom of the market and it’s a good time to buy. We’re breaking down what that means for buyers, where the deals are and how to manage expectations.

Question of the Week

Who is responsible to pay a special levy approved before ownership changes, and payable after ownership changes?