Podcast: Strata 101 and 102

Helping our clients understand strata is not difficult to explain. The challenge is that there is a lot of content and it takes time to get through it all.

The New West Guys, Matt Brabbins and Jeremy Rae, co-host a two part podcast series to explain how a strata corporation functions, what you should be looking for, what to ask your agent, what documents you will receive and how to interpret all the strata documents including: meeting minutes, the Form B, depreciation reports and engineer’s reports.

Listen using the player below or subscribe on your favourite podcast platform. Search for “Multiple Offers – A Real Estate Show”.

STRATA 101 explains how a strata functions.

Episode 1 – How a Strata Corporation Functions

STRATA 102 explains the strata documents available to review and how to find signs of trouble.

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Episode 31 – Home Before the Holidays

6:58 – The News – Arthur Erickson’s Eppich House 2 made the news. Why is a house for sale news?

14:21 – Home Before the Holidays – How to do real estate leading into the holidays. A lot of sellers make family the priority this time of year and take their home off the market. We talk about how buyers and sellers can get deals done, without compromising. Don’t fall into the trap that you have to wait for January. Continue reading

Episode 26 – Leaving Las New West – When you’re priced out of the community you love

Is it too expensive to move up the property ladder in New West?

The New West Guys – Jeremy Rae, Matt Brabbins and their co-host Geoff discuss the sad reality that people plant roots but can’t afford to stay in town to grow their family.

10:41 News
Why do some leaders in Surrey push LRT over Skytrain? Is it municipal protectionism?
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19:26 Leaving New West

42:35 Question of the week: Can you spend the deposit you receive on your sale?

50:20 Storytime: Matt tells a tall tale of a strata selling out to build a tower.